Sunday, April 13, 2014

Five-Ten-Fifteen / Mystical Cats Tarot

Wow, it’s been a VERY long time since I did this little exercise! Be forewarned: I am using a deck I just received in the mail – Mystical Cats Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone, with art by Mickie Mueller (Llewellyn).

(Watch for my review of this deck here on the blog at a future date!)

For now, I am going to just jump right in and “throw” some cards.

The purpose of this 3-card spread is to help me determine what area(s) of life need my attention at this time. For this spread, I shuffle the deck then count down to the 5th card in the stack and turn it over. Next I count down to the 10th card after that and turn it over. Finally, I count down to the 15th card after that and turn it over. Is there a significance to five-ten-fifteen? I don't know. It just sounded good to me!

The three cards go into the following positions:
(1) Urgent. Deal with this right now.
(2) Important but not urgent. Can be set aside for now, but don't forget.
(3) Not important. Not urgent. Let it go. Forget it.

(1) Urgent. Deal with this right now.
Somehow I just knew this card (or something with a similar message) would show up here. Without going into a lot of personal detail, I will simply say that a significant relationship does need to be on the front burner right now, along with a significant choice or decision about how to continue within that relationship. In the book that accompanies this deck, Luneae Weatherstone writes, “small irritations may bring on a hiss now and then, but their love is bigger than any quarrel.” I hope so.

(2) Important but not urgent. Can be set aside for now, but don't forget.
When this card is drawn reversed, it can refer to the danger of letting power go to my head or the possibility that others are against me due to jealousy or resentment. On this card, an alpha cat accepts tokens of admiration from other cats. As long as he truly deserves their respect and admiration, all will be well.

(3) Not important. Not urgent. Let it go. Forget it.
Like the alpha cat on the Six of Fire, the Fire King is a powerful figure – confident, gallant, and courageous. I get the sense that in this position, the Fire King is telling me to let go of a desire for control, power, or leadership in relationships right now. This is not the time to go to the mat to prove that I’m the “top cat.” Sometimes strength is better shown by being willing to cooperate or compromise, by respecting others, and by letting somebody else “win” once in awhile.

A lot of truth in these three cards for me! Those two “boss cats” from the Fire family seem to point a finger straight at my Sagittarius Sun, warning me that ego and bluntness and combativeness are not among my more attractive qualities, and I would be wise to put a lid on that sort of thing for awhile.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

An Interview with Tarot Draconis

After I wrote my review of this deck (which can be read HERE), the dragons strongly suggested that I take a moment to interview the deck, and that I share that interview on this blog. I do not say “no” to dragons (or at least not often!)


Tarot Draconis
by Davide Corsi
Llewellyn / Lo Scarabeo 

1. What would you like me to understand about you?

I would like you to understand that I believe in the value of sacrifice and dedication to an idea. Some would call me generous, and others would call me mad. I don’t care. I know that listening to me and heeding my messages will bring not death, but rebirth.

2. What would you like me to understand about myself?

Your sincerity allows you to rally others around a cause you champion. It is up to you to use that gift for destruction or for creation as you carry the torch lit by our Fire. [Note: The Golden Dawn links this card with the Moon in Sagittarius, my Sun Sign.)

3. What strengths and/or weaknesses do we have as a team?

In the Number Two, there is you and there is me. Together, our energy is that of Mars in Aries, and we can accomplish important things. No castle can resist our fire, no chain can subdue us. Our energies are in balance, reinforcing our strength as a team. Our weakness may be that we tend to push too hard, too fast, or too far. Sometimes strength is shown by holding back or being subtle, allowing Fire to warm and comfort without burning to a crisp!